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My name is L. Jay Baker. I have taken on this Crusade many years ago to feed, help and shelter Women with children in the Philippine Islands. Their Fathers and Husbands have been killed or are no longer there to help support their daily needs. I have taken on this mission by myself for over 10 years now. I have helped over 50 Families buy small houses, assisted them in keeping their children fed, given them a chance to go to school and become successful in the future. I will be 69 years old this November 2022 and it has been hard on me to continue working daily and keep the cash flow coming in to make these beautiful children’s dreams come true, by providing them with 3 meals a day, a warm place to sleep at night, and any hope of ever getting an education to grow up to be a better parent themselves.


As a Vietnam Veteran, I have seen the tragedy of the War’s destruction and the poverty that follows the Country afterwards, leaving the people with a corrupted Government who doesn’t have a clue on WHAT THE PEOPLE NEED TO SURVIVE ANOTHER DAY?


AS A HANDYMAN with plenty of College Credits I can go anywhere in the World and build a City. My Dream is to go to the Philippines and build a Little America.


WHY? Because many years ago the Navy, the Air Force, the Marines, and the Army were over in Viet-Nam fighting the Vietnamese and during the stay of our tour there at that time, some soldiers fell in love with the Women in the Philippine Islands and gave them a baby. Once the war was over, the Military came back home and left MANY, MANY LITTLE AMERICAN CHILDREN BEHIND… - “SHAME ON THEM”.


I see Americans Greeting other Countries’ refugees into our land of opportunity, who deserves very little, and on the other hand, I hear the cries of our own flesh and blood, of the women and children who are REAL AMERICANS left behind enemy lines, to suffer for the PAST 50 YEARS!


THIS PROJECT I am about to take on, always brings a tear to my eyes… - HELP ME BRING OUR CHILDREN HOME! Or, at least help me find each and every person who has AMERICAN BLOOD RUNNING THROUGH THEIR VEINS? These are the people who should be welcomed into the USA with open arms for helping an American Soldier in times of war and providing him with a son or a daughter. HELP ME build them their own Little America on one of the Islands in the Philippines.


These true Americans left behind deserve 3 meals a day, fresh water, electricity and a place they can call home; they ALL have something in common with you as an AMERICAN.... -FREEDOM! -They ALL deserve Freedom! 


Be part of the Life Changing Transformation for American Children left behind in times of War, helping their Mother’s and family members who carry the American blood within them today, and who, unfortunately, now suffer in incredible “sad” conditions: lacking proper nutrition, clothing and housing. IF THIS MATTERS TO YOU, AND YOU GENUINELY CARE…






PLEASE NOTE: 50% of ALL DONATIONS will be assigned to aid the USA AMERICAN homeless Community: children, women and men from all walks of Life will be assisted using funds from your donations, ensuring that those who genuinely need Financial Aid, food and clothing, receive it within the capacity of our current financial means.





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