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Namocot fAMILY
Philippines ( 2019 ~ 2022 )

“ The Story behind Scarlet and Julia Namocot; their mother is Edna Namocot. The children's father was killed in a car accident 3 years ago. When I first met Edna on Facebook, she asked me for help, her daughter Scarlet had just been hit by a car traveling down the road. She had found her lying in the ditch bleeding from her head with little cuts all over her body, and a real bad cut down the right side of her leg… I instantly said: yes, of course I will help, and take her to the hospital right away! She soon recovered and my heart went out to that little, tiny child.


Edna was renting a small dirty house for 3,000 pesos (60 USD) each Month.


The landlord, was a crazy old lady who rented them the house; she would kneel down in a squat position and sit on their front porch one week ahead of time before the rent was due, as a way to pressure Edna and try to force her to pay rent in advance before the due date. I saw a video of this woman and told Edna to go find another house to live in or better yet, go and see if someone would sell a house for 25,000 pesos or (500 USD), -Edna did… and found one down the street. I bought them that house in 3 payments.


Over time, I have helped Edna start a business barbecuing food out in front of her house. However, by Edna being successful in that neighborhood the people around her became jealous. One day, Edna had a birthday Party for Scarlet, her daughter and many children showed up. The children were happy and singing Happy Birthday, when suddenly, the police came into the home and arrested Edna for disturbing the peace. Which costed her a fine of 3,000 pesos (60 USD) and which she could not pay. Edna called me on Skype from jail and begged me to help her. Unfortunately for her… I did not have the money available at that moment, and poor Edna had to spend the night in jail until I sent her money the next day. That night Edna went to jail, while the 2 little girls: Julia 3 years old and Scarlet 5 years old, had no mother at home to watch over them. Luckily the neighbor’s girl Shekinah ( who is 12 years old ) went to the children's house and stayed with them during the night. ( As fate would have it, one month later, I bought that young girl, Shekinah and her family, a house as well because her family was evicted from the house they were renting and they ALL ended up living in a tent… somewhere! )


After Edna got out of jail the next day, I sent her 10,000 pesos or $200.00 to go travel towards the ocean and find her a nice quiet area with a house for rent or for sale and take pictures of it, and she did find a 1-acre lot with a bamboo house built on it, priced for 50,000 pesos (1,000 USD). I told her that if the owner would let us make payments, we will buy that place. I made 5 payments of 10,000 pesos or (200 USD) each week and owned it in 5 weeks-time.


Within that Month, Edna’s family had left that City and moved to a new life down the street from the ocean. I added to that bamboo house, electricity for 15,000 pesos (300 USD) and a water line for another 15,000 pesos (300 USD). But… that house as it currently was, was not a place for small children to grow up and live a healthy life: the roof was leaking water, and it had dirt floors. As of now, I have hired workers to start building a nice center block home right next to the bamboo house.


The great thing about the Philippine Islands is… - that you can hire just about anyone there to work a good day and only pay them 500 pesos (10 USD). That individual would have to be very talented to earn around 800 pesos ( 16 USD) a day…

-There is a Photo Montage below to show all that I say is the God’s truth!”

   Story By: L. JAY BAKER




 " L. Jay, I would like to say thank you so, so much for everything you have done for us; like giving us a house, a business and everything... -is a very big opportunity for me and for my kids. I hope God will give you more blessings to come, and… a healthy Life always, I hope you don’t change your kindness, your kind heart."


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