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Lester Jay Baker was born in Nashville, Tennessee in 1953, he is one of six siblings. He moved to Los Angeles, California at the age of 4 years, went to school in Torrance, California. L. Jay Baker had a very tragic life starting at the age of 9 years. His father was ran over while on his motorcycle and instantly killed by a 16 wheel semi-truck, the driver was drunk and ran the light while his father was making a left hand turn. L. Jay’s mother was a waitress at the time and worked all the time to feed her 6 children, over the years, she married 3 different men. Unfortunately, the last man his mother married was very abusive -verbally and physically-; this happened during his teenage years, his mother’s boyfriend would knock L. Jay down and try to choke him into submitting to follow all the house rules set by him.


Consequently, L. Jay ran away from home at the age of 17 and lived in an old car, on which he went to work, and… went to school during his senior year in High School. Once L. Jay graduated from School he had turned 18, than he decided to join the U.S Navy in 1972. He served 3 years in the military during the Vietnam War from (1972-1975). L. Jay has traveled to 45 States in the USA, and visited 12 Countries throughout the World. At the age of 27 he was married for 7 years and was divorced in 1987. He had 1 son and 1 daughter. He is now a grandfather to 4 grandchildren.


L. Jay has never remarried again, and with the passing of years, he has missed having a family in his Life, so much so… that he has found a way to cope by dedicating part of his life ( for the past 35 years ) in finding mothers with children ( mothers who happen to be single, without the assistance of a male companion or father for the children ), supporting them and -making sure- NO CHILD IN THAT FAMILY GOES HUNGRY!


L. Jay was taught well as a child by his mother, who was brought up in the Southern State; she would tell him: “ Never send a person away from the dinner table Hungry!” So, this ‘saying’ has always left a strong imprint in L. Jay’s heart. Not only was it a GOOD THING for him to inherit from his mother, but he does it also to continue honoring his mother as her legacy. In his mind, he believes all children should honor the wise words of their parents. Furthermore, he has taken upon himself to finish a commitment he could not complete and therefore honor as a married man.


L. Jay went to college after serving in the military, during which he took over 12 different classes to better himself in becoming a Handyman; even in his younger years he wanted to go to other Countries to help the ones who lived in poverty.


Going back ten years ( 2012 ) , L. Jay was ready for a new adventure in his Life, one which would also include assisting and helping the poor along the way, and as fate would have it at the time, the Universe heard his call and responded generously, pouring abundance his way!


That year Long Drugs was selling out to a CVS Store, as a result, the new owners were cleaning out the store and throwing everything away into their dumpsters. L. Jay saw this as an opportunity to share this abundance with the poverty-stricken people that always exist in any City and within their Community; he wasted no time and went ahead to purchase 15 large trash barrows and filled them with brand new items the store threw away into the trash. L. Jay than proceeded to load up his small Toyota truck, attached a trailer to it and went “ off ” without looking back, traveling throughout the USA… he focused his attention in feeding the homeless people living on the streets, as he traveled. 


He was on the road for 182 days ( 6 months ), and traveled through 13 States in the USA during this particular time. He now has over 60 videos on YouTube, sharing these journeys and showing the world that “ one man ” can make a difference; when having the funds available and having the opportunity to do so!


L. Jay Baker has never really been rich, he has taken what little money he has and shares it with strangers around the world. He has followed some of the key morals and principles of famous humanitarian and spiritual leaders who are honored and respected throughout history: Jesus, Mother-Teresa and Mahatma Gandhi.


L. Jay Baker has always been a caring person, he does not believe in giving the small amount of 10% as the churches do. He tries to live his life on the 10% of his income and donate 90% of the money he earns daily through the various jobs he does each day. He is happy with a roof over his head and 3 warm meals. He has lived in a vehicle half of his life and never complains about much.


His main theory each day is:




For the past 10 years, L. Jay has created his own private wall donation board to remind himself of how many people he has being able to help on his own, an inspiration to continue going.


Over the years, he has found many Families in the Philippine Islands to support, giving them a LIFE CHANGING OPPORTUNITY TO BE SUCCESSFUL!


L. Jay has been finding women who are single with one to four children that are nearly starving to death and about to be forced-out to go and live on the streets. He has bought homes that now belong to these women; homes that they now rent or own ( with his help ), so that no one will abuse them again.


He has financed over 50 Families in the past 10 years, where they have being able to start a small business so that the mothers of these children can support themselves in the future.


Once a Family becomes successful with a home of their own and or a business that is selling clothes, baking cakes & pies, and having a small store with lots of food for the children, L. Jay can feels he has done “ his best ” and moves on to change another family’s Life!


L. Jay does these acts of kindness to make the World a better place and he hopes that one day these children grow up to LOVE AMERICA and become themselves HIGHLY RESPECTED INDIVIDUALS!

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